Responsive and efficient

Griffin strives for:

  • A management structure that enables responsive, flexible approaches and encourages networking and knowledge building through supporting and engaging in professional forums, providing an environment for thinking, learning and analysis.
  • A small and efficient team with low overheads and minimal bureaucracy enabling Griffin to respond in a timely fashion. Griffin is well known for producing high quality products in short timeframes – a low input/high output provider.
  • Formal risk management practices contributing to our successful delivery of services. These include implementing a risk management matrix for each major project and building risk management into daily business practice.

Needs driven

Products are provided to clients in a range of formats, depending on needs and target audience. Griffin has in recent years produced:

  • Web-based products (e.g. An interactive report for the National Land and Water Resources Audit, 2008)
  • Formal launched publications (e.g. Aid and the Environment: Building Resilience, Sustaining Growth; an environment strategy for the Australian Aid Program, 2007)
  • Reports to government (e.g. Murray Darling Basin Authority, Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts, Department of Climate Change)
  • Fact sheets (e.g. National Land and Water Resources Audit, 2008)
  • Conference presentations (e.g. International Rivers Symposium, 2007)
  • Peer reviews (e.g. International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative; Pacific Lands Program, 2009)
  • As well as briefings to governments and Ministers

Financially responsible

Griffin’s contract and financial management systems are streamlined to be as efficient and transparent as possible. We have never had a contractual or financial dispute or claim.

Griffin engages the accounting firm HLB Mann Judd to annually audit the company accounts. Griffin is a completely independent private company. There are no financial links to other organisations except in the case of agreed joint ventures.

AU$20M DFAT-CSIRO Research for Development Alliance

Australian team leader
AUD$23M investment in Climate Change Adaptation

Team Leader
Analysis for a New Aid Delivery Strategy in Vietnam / Mekong Delta

Team Leader
Environment Strategy for the Australian Aid Program

Member of the Design Team
International Climate Change Initiative

Monitoring and Evaluation Systems Adviser
Strongim Pipol Strongim Nesen Program in Papua New Guinea

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
East Timor Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
Evaluation for the Solomon Islands Rural Development Program (DFAT, World Bank, IFAD).

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