We specialise in:

  • Strategic planning and design of public and private investment programs in natural resources management
  • Reviews and evaluations of national and regional investment programs in natural resources, food and water sectors
  • Participatory planning and testing of sustainable and adaptive livelihood options at grass roots level
  • Hands on development and testing of new ideas and innovation in natural resource management
  • Brokering and communicating knowledge to inform the public, policy makers and politicians

Specialist services to the Australian aid program

In 2013, Griffin was selected for four selective expert panels for services under the aid program:

  • Strategic Programming
  • Operational Design
  • Climate Change and Environment Services
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Services

Natural Resource Management Projects:

An environment strategy for Australian aid

Dr Kate Duggan led the development of the aid program strategy Building resilience, sustaining growth: An environment strategy for Australian aid. The strategy, launched by Ministers Downer and Turnbull at Parliament House in August 2007, set out a whole-of-government investment program to develop forest carbon initiatives in Asia- Pacific, and to fund climate science and adaptation programs in the Pacific.

Climate Change Adaptation Initiative

From 2009 to 2011, Kate was a member of design teams for Australia’s AU$50 million International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative adaptation program, and in 2012 was a member of the independent assessment panel for the Australian community based climate change action grants program. In 2012, she was engaged as a design consultant for the design of community climate change projects in the Pacific and East Timor.

Climate change plans for Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia

Between 2008 and 2013, Kate was engaged by country programs in the Philippines (2011), Indonesia (2012) and Vietnam (2011) to lead multidisciplinary teams in analyses and strategic planning for future investment in climate change in these countries. Each of the projects involved extensive in-country analysis and consultations with partner governments, donors and civil society groups.

Climate change investment in Vietnam

The strategic planning in Vietnam, led to her engagement in design of AU$15 million dollar Australian investment in Vietnam’s Support Program for Responding to Climate Change (2013-15). Following this, Kate was commissioned as the Australian team leader for an evaluation of a major adaptation project (AU$23 million) in the Mekong Delta, implemented by the German government aid company,

AU$20M DFAT-CSIRO Research for Development Alliance

Australian team leader
AUD$23M investment in Climate Change Adaptation

Team Leader
Analysis for a New Aid Delivery Strategy in Vietnam / Mekong Delta

Team Leader
Environment Strategy for the Australian Aid Program

Member of the Design Team
International Climate Change Initiative

Monitoring and Evaluation Systems Adviser
Strongim Pipol Strongim Nesen Program in Papua New Guinea

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
East Timor Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
Evaluation for the Solomon Islands Rural Development Program (DFAT, World Bank, IFAD).

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