Griffin is a small team. We work collegiately with other teams, bringing a wide range of skills and experience to the challenges of development at all scales.

We are:

  • Knowledge brokers – communicating complex science to ordinary people
  • Natural capitalists – developing markets and investment in sustainable food production systems
  • Strategists – providing analysis and advice on public policy and investment in food and water security and climate adaptation
  • Networkers - bringing together skills and knowledge with policy makers, movers and shakers


The Director of Griffin is Dr Kate Duggan (PhD Earth Sciences 1989). Kate has 25 years experience in natural resource management, specialising in public policy and delivery of programs across the landscapes of rural and regional areas. She combines a strong research background with extensive practical experience in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Bruce Bailey

Bruce Bailey, has 25 years’ experience on the Australian Aid program with a focus on monitoring and evaluation in ten different countries in the Asia-Pacific region. He is currently team leader for the Monitoring, Evaluation and Review Panel attached to the Civil Society Water, Sanitation and Fund – a AU$103 million initiative of the Australian DFAT.

Maylee Thavat

Maylee Thavat has extensive professional and research experience and interest in rural development, natural resource management and climate change, and agro-commodity chain analysis. She is experienced in research, analysis and writing in public sector, academic and professional consulting contexts. Maylee completed her PhD on agricultural value chains in Cambodia in 2010 and has worked as a development consultant since 2004.

AU$20M DFAT-CSIRO Research for Development Alliance

Australian team leader
AUD$23M investment in Climate Change Adaptation

Team Leader
Analysis for a New Aid Delivery Strategy in Vietnam / Mekong Delta

Team Leader
Environment Strategy for the Australian Aid Program

Member of the Design Team
International Climate Change Initiative

Monitoring and Evaluation Systems Adviser
Strongim Pipol Strongim Nesen Program in Papua New Guinea

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
East Timor Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
Evaluation for the Solomon Islands Rural Development Program (DFAT, World Bank, IFAD).

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